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Kaiso Corner features the mother music of the English-Speaking Caribbean – Kaiso a.k.a. Calypso Music, the national music of Trinidad  & Tobago- and all itʻs offspring and offshoots,  permutations and combinations, hybrids and fusions, including Soca, Steelpan, Parang, Chutney, Zouk, and even some Ska and Reggae. Jamaica and Trinidad exist as the two main geographical and cultural poles of the Caribbean Archipelago. Many people outside of the Caribbean tend to be more familiar with Jamaican music, especially Reggae, understandable given Jamaicaʻs much closer proximity to the US. However, this is just one tiny slice of a huge pie consisting of a diverse array of styles, rhythms, cultures and even languages. What many people also do not realize is that the origins of Reggae are rooted in Calypso, which itself can be traced back to the griot traditions of West Africa. Calypso music is one of the first and oldest popular musical genres, with a cannon of recordings going back over 100 years and yet still alive and kicking today! With songs written on practically every and any topic, it has a lyrical content unmatched in any genre. Kaiso Corner celebrates this rich legacy and shares it with the Hawaiʻian islands, and the world!

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