Phat Tony

“I’m a Mana‘o Radio DJ because I lost a bet… no seriously, it was either this or I had to wrestle an alligator. Fortunately I love sharing my taste in comedy and music and hope to brighten-up your Friday mornings with laughter.”

I’ve listened to a lot of music, been to a lot of concerts, I own too many records and CDs, spent a lot of time in the school hallway for being a class clown, in fact I got kicked out of Radio & TV class freshmen year, yada yada yada, did a lot of Karaoke, moved to Maui and did more Karaoke. With all this experience, I was qualified to audition for the Mana’o Friday morning slot… I got the job! Fridays will never be the same, Maui. “Viva la PHAT Cave!”

Mana‘o Radio DJ Since: September, 2015

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Phat Tony